Nouvelle article ! Etre un jeune entrepreneur associatif à Paris : enquête sur un horizon citoyen

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EMES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-P16-02

This article highlights, at time of democratic disillusionment, the transformation of the citizenship done by the civil society organizations, related to the Economy of Solidarity, on the Parisian territory. In this context, we analyse, comparatively speaking, NGO’s with their root historicaly anchored in the parisian territory and young NGO’s, also called “NGO’s entrepreneurs”.

This analysis is based on a large scale empirical survey, mixing observations, focus group and semi-structured interviews. The author questions here four dimensions in the renewal of the “updated” citizenship: how the creator of an NGO tries to find new ways of work, the reinvention of new democratic and extensive way of life, the ambivalence of politization, and the strewing of common democratic values.


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